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FTC Announces Children’s Online Privacy Protection Settlements Based on Collection of Persistent Identifiers

This post, written by Jeremy Meisinger, was originally published on the firm’s Security, Privacy, and the Law blog.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA Rule”) requires website and online service operators to give notice to parents and obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting children’s “personal information” online. 16 CFR §§ 312.4, 312.5. The definition of “personal information” encompasses some obvious pieces of data – name and address,… More

Protecting the Rights of Children Should Be Integral to Every Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

child-labor-349989_640Consideration of the rights of children should be integral to any Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) strategy or policy. Traditionally, companies have focused on reducing and eliminating the use of child labor in their supply chains as a means of protecting the rights of children. While important, companies should keep in mind that respecting and protecting children’s rights extends far beyond the use of child labor.… More