Managing Users’ Rights Responsibly – A Guide for Early-Stage Companies

I’ll be speaking this morning at RightsCon regarding a new guide for early-stage technology companies seeking to operate with respect for users’ rights to freedom of expression and privacy.

I have worked to develop the guide with Vivek Krishnamurthy and Dalia Ritvo, friends and colleagues at the Cyberlaw Clinic, which is based at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

We developed the guide to provide a succinct overview of the challenges that companies may face when third parties, particularly law enforcement officials, seek to access or suppress information relating to users. With a focus on U.S. legal requirements, the guide outlines practical steps that companies can take to address those challenges and provides suggested resources for further information and guidance.

Notably, our intent is for the guide to grow and evolve with time, including through the inclusion of content regarding requirements outside the United States. We also hope to have the guide made available as an online tool. At all times, we welcome feedback and ideas on future content and format.

A copy of the guide, Managing Users’ Rights Responsibly – A Guide for Early-Stage Companies, is available here.

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