Five on Friday: Five Recent Developments that We’ve Been Watching Closely


There continue to be regular developments in the business and human rights field that warrant attention from both companies and their stakeholders. New legislation and regulation, shifting policy positions, and developments in ongoing litigation…there is always a lot to discuss.

To conclude this week, we have put together a rundown of five recent developments that we’ve been watching closely:

  • Lawsuits filed in California in August against both Costco and Nestlé, alleging that the companies have been misleading with regard to their efforts to address forced labor in their supply chains, have highlighted the challenges associated with complex global supply chains in a world in which human trafficking and forced labor remain a tragic reality for far too many people. As abuses around the world continue to come to light, and as new disclosure requirements prompt corporate statements regarding their efforts to address these challenges, there will likely more litigation to come.

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