Monthly Archives: February 2014

Yaiguaje v. Chevron: Blurring the Lines between Parents and Subsidiaries in Ontario

GavelA recent ruling by Ontario’s highest court clarifying the law governing the enforcement of foreign judgments may turn Canada’s most populous province into an attractive forum for plaintiffs seeking to collect on judgments against multinational corporations.

On December 17, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned a stay issued by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in an enforcement action brought against Chevron and its Canadian subsidiary by a group of Ecuadorian plaintiffs.… More

After the Super Bowl: Human Trafficking Occurs More Than Once a Year

stadium in lights and flashesOver the past week, significant attention has been paid to the risks of sex trafficking associated with the Super Bowl. Law enforcement resources were dedicated to identifying traffickers and ensuring that services are available for victims, and companies in both the airline and hotel industries took action to ensure that their facilities were not used to facilitate trafficking activities.

All of these actions are laudable,… More